Eggs Away!

Well, the weather didn’t cooperate for a decent picture today (snowing too hard). But the good news is that our formerly depressing egg production rate has increased dramatically! Last weekend the coop got a thorough cleaning and we upgraded our feed to the most natural currently available to us. But I think the biggest factor may be reintroducing fermented scratch grains. The day after they first enjoyed that treat again, our egg count doubled! (And still not pushing them with artificial light.) Here’s hoping we’re only going up from here!

Farmer’s Market polls

There has been talk of growing an heirloom garden this summer, and potentially bringing some of our harvest to a local farmer’s market.  Maybe we’re not ready this coming year, but someday we’d like to try it.  What we want to know is, what do people like best when they buy produce at a farmer’s market?

Of those vegetables, how do your tastes run?  I’ve got to admit, I’ve keep eyeing those tri-color tomatoes and purple carrots (and bell peppers, and cauliflower – who knew so many veggies came in purple??)  So many options boasting extreme anthocyanin expression (the same antioxidant that makes blueberries blue) – but the big question: as interesting and intriguing as these varieties are, do people want to eat them??

New Babies!

The blog is WAY behind, largely due to two things… lack of technology (hopefully now remedied) and BABIES!

Duchess was due with an unexpected calf (unexpected in the sense that we brought her home believing it fairly unlikely that she had been bred) on October 17th. Fortunately, she went overdue, considering our family was expecting a new little bundle of joy ourselves!
Now that new routines have been established, I’m finally able to present to you our newest farm addition.

“I give you Princess Buttercup!” (Couldn’t resist a Princess Bride reference…) Born October 28th at 75 lbs, she’s a big, spunky girl, especially for a Jersey.  But now that she’s 2 1/2 months old, she’s hogging all the milk!