The New Girl (er… Llady?)

Sunday afternoon we went llama shopping.  It’s really strange to tell people that’s what you’ve got going on, and watch them register what you just said.  But yes, a-llama shopping we did go.

Back in December we lost our sweet Veronika, and Atlantica has bearing the responsibility of guarding all those sweet fuzzy-butts by herself.  On Sunday, we met three different female llamas, two suris which were presumed sterile, and Ilaria, a 12 year old silky llama bred for a September cria (baby llama).  The suris were both gorgeous, but we chose Ilaria mainly for her calm demeanor and promised easy handling.  Which isn’t to say we aren’t excited about her cria as well!  Atlantica was supposed to be bred when we purchased her, but never did give birth, and the vet agreed she couldn’t have been pregnant when she arrived here.  Ilaria is in good health, is a good mother, and even considering her age, still has sound legs.

Ilaria is currently hanging out with Angus and Archie while she gets used to her new home.  Atlantica noticed her right away and came galloping over to check her out.  This morning they had a spit-fest over the fence, but once they establish their pecking order, everything should be fine.