Cupcake and Sheep to Shawl

August 20, Cupcake had the great honor of her fleece playing an integral part in the Indiana State Fair’s Sheep to Shawl Competition.  The Midway Spinners Sheep to Shawl team had 4 hours to turn Cupcake’s fleece into a 22″x72″ woven shawl.  They were allowed to wash the fleece ahead of time, and have the loom warped.  (I believe the warp was hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn also from Cupcake’s fleece, but not 100% certain on that one…)  So at the competition, the weft is spun from washed locks, and the spinning, weaving and finishing must be completed in 4 hours or less!  Sound impossible?  Apparently not!

The Midway Spinners reached their goal with time to spare, and were awarded Grand Champion for their efforts.  The resulting beautiful shawl was then auctioned off for $350!  Proceeds support youth fiber arts.  Cupcake and Snowhaven Heritage Farm are thrilled to have been a part of this exciting event!

And if there’s any question about the delightful-ness that is Cupcake’s fleece, just ask Shawna.  I’ve heard many people claim they’d like to roll in a particularly lovely-looking fleece, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually DOING it!