Day 6: Voila!

It’s been a very exciting week! But now we can really get going on the good stuff: more fencing work, setting things up for a future family milk cow, putting up some wood sheeting to protect the walls from the critters (and vice versa), and moving the hay bales in for the coming winter!

Bring on the Boys!

The lucky rams got to meet their lovely ladies last night, officially kicking off our 2018 breeding season! As of this afternoon, we’re seeing marks on Irene (courtesy of Romney ram Angus) and Cedar (courtesy of moorit Romeldale ram lamb Chesterton). Unless they are re-marked in a later cycle, we’ll be seeing our first lambs around February 11, 2019. Today is also the final day of barn construction (!!!) so these lambs will be fortunate to be born in a nice, dry, draft-free environment.