Summer News

The farm blog has been fairly quiet these last few months, but the wheels are always in motion here on the farm! Along with the typical fencing projects, here are a few other things that are in the works:

  • It’s just about breeding time for Emily so we can have a warm weather calving for her this time around. We’re looking at a variety of bulls, including Milking Shorthorn, Red Holstein, and Guernsey sires.
  • Charlotte is now a yearling, and we’re hoping to get the Lemonhead heifer we’d dreamed of when Rosie was here.
  • Freya’s Embark genetic testing results are in, as well as a clean bill of health, so the hunt for her perfect mate is on! It will still be awhile yet, but we’re hoping for some beautiful Scotch Collie pups in the future.
  • A shipment of Romeldale fleeces is now in Michigan at the esteemed Zeilinger’s Wool mill. Keep your eyes peeled for Romeldale/CVM combed top to become available with official SE2SE passport stickers for orders of 4 oz or more.
  • Romney quilt batts are HERE!