And they’re off!

Breeding Season 2019 is officially underway! We’re a few days later than planned, but as of tonight, Caspian joined the Romney babes, and Chesterton is with the Romeldales. Coats are on, FAMACHA scores checked (and dewormer administered if necessary) and hooves trimmed. Now to check daily for marks from the boys’ harnesses. Caspian is currently sporting orange and Chesterton yellow.

Summer News

The farm blog has been fairly quiet these last few months, but the wheels are always in motion here on the farm! Along with the typical fencing projects, here are a few other things that are in the works:

  • It’s just about breeding time for Emily so we can have a warm weather calving for her this time around. We’re looking at a variety of bulls, including Milking Shorthorn, Red Holstein, and Guernsey sires.
  • Charlotte is now a yearling, and we’re hoping to get the Lemonhead heifer we’d dreamed of when Rosie was here.
  • Freya’s Embark genetic testing results are in, as well as a clean bill of health, so the hunt for her perfect mate is on! It will still be awhile yet, but we’re hoping for some beautiful Scotch Collie pups in the future.
  • A shipment of Romeldale fleeces is now in Michigan at the esteemed Zeilinger’s Wool mill. Keep your eyes peeled for Romeldale/CVM combed top to become available with official SE2SE passport stickers for orders of 4 oz or more.
  • Romney quilt batts are HERE!

Yearling Rams for Sale

We have some yearling rams looking to find flocks of their own!

Romney: Chaos and Chronos were born March 2018. Both are white, but carry color. Their sire (A.J.) is double-pattern recessive (AlblAdbl). Both parents (dam is the gorgeous Irene) are from Grace Valley Farms in MT – beautiful fleeces that are always requested. Can be registered with American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA)

Romeldale/CVM: Carnelian and Chalcedony are twin March 2018 rams, both proposed AbApbl and carry moorit. I have info on their ADG, parents typical staple length and scrapies codon test results. Parents (Drew and Coral) are both registered with NRCC – boys can be too.

All the boys were shorn for the first time in January (still have fleeces here, so can send a sample or photos). Photos with green grass and longer fleece were taken back in September, others this morning.



We’ve been updating all sorts of things on the FaceBook page, but our poor website has been neglected the last couple of months.  In short, Emily had a beautiful heifer calf on December 26, which we named Noelle.  Noelle is bright, spunky, and definitely has some sass!

But the big announcement of the day is that shearing is TOMORROW!  The first lambs are due in one month, so it’s shearing time already!  The weird thing about it this year, is that when I woke up this morning, there wasn’t a single four-legged beast in sight – they’re all tucked away in our new barn, so we don’t have any accidental wet fleeces this year.  Having a good barn is such a blessing!

The other related announcement, is that we are participating in The Livestock Conservancy’s new Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em challenge.  Fiber artists will be able to sign up with the Convervancy to get a passport to track their rare breed fiber adventures and share their results on FaceBook and Ravelry.  The Conservancy’s Fiber Artist sign-up form is still coming, but the FB and Ravelry groups are already active.  We’ll have 7 fresh Romeldale/CVM fleeces available very soon and our passport stickers are on their way!


Meet Emily!

Nearly a week ago we brought home our official future milk cow.  Emily (jury’s still out on whether or not we’ll keep the name) is a 3-year old red lineback cow due in late November/early December with her 2nd calf.  The bull is a lineback as well, so we’re hoping for some nice color!  Speaking of color, we’re in love with the lineback look – and get an especially big kick out of Emily’s “grumpy” eyebrows!

Her sire is somewhat well-known in lineback circles: Rosybrook Jade Red.  Her mother was an Ayrshire who lived to be 24 years old, and still calved until the last couple of years of her life.  That being said, I think Emily may have been her last calf, or close to it.

Emily has been known to be a one-gal cow (she never really took to the previous owner’s husband), and she’s been slowly warming up to us and adjusting to her new home.  So far, we’ve discovered she absolutely loves burdock leaves!  We’re hoping to be good friends by the time she freshens and milking begins.  (Mmmmm!  Fresh milk!)

Day 6: Voila!

It’s been a very exciting week! But now we can really get going on the good stuff: more fencing work, setting things up for a future family milk cow, putting up some wood sheeting to protect the walls from the critters (and vice versa), and moving the hay bales in for the coming winter!

Bring on the Boys!

The lucky rams got to meet their lovely ladies last night, officially kicking off our 2018 breeding season! As of this afternoon, we’re seeing marks on Irene (courtesy of Romney ram Angus) and Cedar (courtesy of moorit Romeldale ram lamb Chesterton). Unless they are re-marked in a later cycle, we’ll be seeing our first lambs around February 11, 2019. Today is also the final day of barn construction (!!!) so these lambs will be fortunate to be born in a nice, dry, draft-free environment.