2019 Lambs

DOB: 2/18/19 – McKenzie with newborn recessive-colored twins (ewe in purple, ram in green).


DOB: 2/16/19 – Bella with twin ewe lambs, Dahlia (purple coat) and Delilah (blue/green plaid). 
DOB: 2/13/19 – Irene with newborn single ram lamb

2018 Lambs

DOB 3/25/18: Spice with newborn twin ewe lambs, Cinnamon (10.53 lbs) and Cardamom (9.11 lbs)
DOB 3/21/18: Romeldale Carla with newborn surviving triplets, daughter Cadence, and son Copland.
DOB 3/15/18: Alice with son Cheshire (white – 11 lbs) and daughter Chicory (black – 9.8 lbs)
DOB 3/15/18: Carmel with surviving twin, light moorit ewe, Cedar (9.05 lbs)
DOB 3/14/18: Tinkerbell with surviving twin ram, Caspian (10.04 lbs)
DOB 3/13/18: Cupcake with newborn twin ewe lambs Cocoa and Cookie
DOB 3/12/18: Romeldale Coral with newborn twin ram lambs, Carnelian (7.8 lbs) and Chalcedony (9.1 lbs)
DOB 3/7/18: McKenzie with newborn recessive-colored ewe lamb, Caoimhe (“KEE-va”) 12.8 lbs
DOB 3/6/18: Irene with newborn twin ram lambs, Chaos (12.63 lbs) and Chronos (10.62 lbs)
DOB 3/6/18: Mary with newborn ewe lamb, Constance (11.0 lbs)

2017 Lambs

DOB 5/30/17: Irene with newborn ewe lamb, Bronwyn (8.8 lbs)
DOB 5/16/17: McKenzie with newborn ewe lamb, Bella (approx. 10 lbs)
DOB 4/13/16: Mary with newborn ram lamb, Boco (13.84 lbs

2016 Lambs

DOB 4/12/2016: Spice with newborn ram lamb, Archie
DOB 4/2/2016: Mary with newborn ewe lamb, Alice