Old-Time Scotch Collies

We welcome our newest addition to the farm-chore team – a little Old-Time Scotch Collie pup named Freya! We were searching for a breed of dog that could contribute to the farm, yet still be a loving family dog, when we came across the Old-Time Scotch Collie, or OTSC. There are a couple of groups devoted to re-establishing this land-race breed, known for its intelligence, loyalty, herding ability and desire to please. The perfect farm dog – just what we were looking for!While we have no definite plans for having litters of our own in the future, we certainly haven’t ruled it out. UPDATE: We have Freya’s health certificate filled out, awaiting the reopening of the OTSCA registry, and, after checking her genetic soundness with an Embark panel, we are on the hunt for a suitable mate for this beautiful girl! Many thanks to our friends at Peace Ledge, where we found this beautiful girl!