And it all breaks loose again.

Spice and Carla were not due until Friday, but starting Tuesday night, they had luxury accommodations in the back half of our newly mucked-out, freshly bedded barn. Sure enough, if you think it may be safe to go run some errands, there’ll be a Romeldale there to prove you wrong. I decided to do a quick barn check before heading out, and discovered Carla standing over a slippery-looking, wobbly-on-her-legs ewe lamb. We got them into the jug, and not much later, she delivered a ram lamb. Apparently ewes are never done giving birth around here until they’ve gone one better than what you expect. Carla had triplets, but sadly, the last baby was tiny and not moving. The surviving lambs are strong and healthy though, up and nursing right away.

The rest of our lambs enjoyed a sunny day playing in the barnyard and closest paddock. Upon seeing some panting though, we got out the thermometer and discovered several had fevers. They’ve all taken their medicine and got their sweaters on, and we’re expecting full and quick recoveries, as it appears we caught it early on.

Break over, back to it! But only one mama to go!

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