Yearling Rams for Sale

We have some yearling rams looking to find flocks of their own!

Romney: Chaos and Chronos were born March 2018. Both are white, but carry color. Their sire (A.J.) is double-pattern recessive (AlblAdbl). Both parents (dam is the gorgeous Irene) are from Grace Valley Farms in MT – beautiful fleeces that are always requested. Can be registered with American Romney Breeders Association (ARBA)

Romeldale/CVM: Carnelian and Chalcedony are twin March 2018 rams, both proposed AbApbl and carry moorit. I have info on their ADG, parents typical staple length and scrapies codon test results. Parents (Drew and Coral) are both registered with NRCC – boys can be too.

All the boys were shorn for the first time in January (still have fleeces here, so can send a sample or photos). Photos with green grass and longer fleece were taken back in September, others this morning.


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