Hello, 2020!

Goodbye, 2019 – we had a great time! We said goodbye to a few of our rams, including Angus, our white Romney boy, but said hello to Angus, our new Scotch Collie boy! (We’re hoping this will be the height of the “Angus confusion” – guess we’ll see…) We AI-ed both Charlotte and Emily for spring calves – Charlotte to Jersey bull Casino, and Emily to Jersey bull Valentino. We became an official Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em fiber producer, and got our beautiful Romeldale/CVM combed top back from Zeilinger’s in MI (contact us to order some with your SE2SE passport sticker).

Now in 2020, we look forward to Caspian, AJ, and Chesterton’s March lambs, a May heifer from Charlotte, and hopefully some lineback color from Emily’s calf due in June. It will be fun to watch Angus (the pup) grow and mature. And what other adventures will the new year bring?

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