Our Romney Flock

Our flock began with the purchase of 3 yearling ewes in March of 2015.  Tinkerbell, Cupcake and Mary were our very first sheep, born at Cherich Farm in Mt. Calvary, WI.

August of 2015 brought our first ram, Steve, and the beautiful Spice, both from R.A.K.E. Less Farm in Stevens Point, WI.

Our first lamb crop was smaller than we’d hoped, but in April of 2016, we welcomed Alice (Mary’s natural-colored daughter) and Archie (Spice’s son).  Archie has been wethered so we get to keep him around as a ram companion.


In August of 2016, we welcomed Action Jackson, our new light-blue recessive colored ram lamb, and Irene, a color-carrying yearling ewe with a fabulous fleece, from Grace Valley Farms in Fromberg, MT.  Also joining us, recessive colored McKenzie, originally from Tawanda Farms in Montague, CA, by way of Peeper Hollow in Marion, IA and Celtic Braes in Whitewater, WI.  With the addition of these three, we are on our way to fulfilling our flock goals of exquisite hand-spinning fleeces and a wide variety of recessive colors.

February of 2017 brought the great “ram exchange”.  Steve has moved on to a new flock, after serving as back-up ram for the 2016 breeding season.  It appears that our 2017 lamb crop will be another generation of Steve babies.  After dropping Steve off at his new farm, we swung by Mt. Calvary and selected Angus from the yearling ram lambs bred by Cherich Farm.  (No worries – we made sure he wasn’t too closely related to our original ewes!)  Angus will be backing up A.J. (Action Jackson) for the 2017 breeding season.