The 2017 Recap

So much has happened these last twelve months: no more cows or llamas, we added a second breed of sheep to our flock, got a tractor, experimented with hay feeders, competed at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival with both raw fleeces and handspun yarn (and did pretty well too, if I may say so myself), struggled through a wet season of challenging parasites, built shelters, repaired roofs, rotated pastures, planted and maintained a garden, and completed a breeding season.

Now, with 2018 upon us, we look forward to March lambs, shearing and the beginning of another cycle of life. We look forward to putting up more fencing this coming year, and possibly even a new barn. We’re expecting an assortment of ducklings in the spring, and may raise some Thanksgiving turkeys. Possibly the most exciting thing we look forward to right now though – in late January, we’ll be bringing home a new team member: an Old-Time Scotch Collie puppy! We have high hopes for her as a family member, farm guardian and livestock mobilizer. This will take time, patience and plenty of training, and we can’t wait!