We’ve been updating all sorts of things on the FaceBook page, but our poor website has been neglected the last couple of months.  In short, Emily had a beautiful heifer calf on December 26, which we named Noelle.  Noelle is bright, spunky, and definitely has some sass!

But the big announcement of the day is that shearing is TOMORROW!  The first lambs are due in one month, so it’s shearing time already!  The weird thing about it this year, is that when I woke up this morning, there wasn’t a single four-legged beast in sight – they’re all tucked away in our new barn, so we don’t have any accidental wet fleeces this year.  Having a good barn is such a blessing!

The other related announcement, is that we are participating in The Livestock Conservancy’s new Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em challenge.  Fiber artists will be able to sign up with the Convervancy to get a passport to track their rare breed fiber adventures and share their results on FaceBook and Ravelry.  The Conservancy’s Fiber Artist sign-up form is still coming, but the FB and Ravelry groups are already active.  We’ll have 7 fresh Romeldale/CVM fleeces available very soon and our passport stickers are on their way!