Our Romeldale/CVM Flock

We are very excited to have added Romeldale/CVMs to our flock!

Our foundation ewes: Coral, Carmel and Carla, all black-based 2-year olds.

And Drew, our yearling moorit ram.

Romeldale/CVMs were developed from a cross between Romney rams and Rambouillet ewes.  We were drawn to their fine fleece, wide range of natural colors and patterns, and connection to the Romney breed.  The breed is listed as “critical” by the Livestock Conservancy, meaning that there are fewer than 200 registrations in the United States annually, and a global population of fewer than 2,000. Our little starter flock is registered with the National Romeldale-CVM Conservancy and come from an OPP-free flock.

Check out the Livestock Conservancy’s page for more information:  https://livestockconservancy.org/index.php/heritage/internal/cvm

A big thanks to Serenity Spring Wool in Richland Center, WI for helping us get started with this beautiful and endangered breed!