Exciting New “Developments”

Our future barn is beginning to become a reality! Today the excavation team arrived to prepare the site for building. Many thanks to Hanson Sanitation & Excavating for their hard work and willingness to satisfy our insatiable curiosity by answering our many questions about their equipment and process!

Fresh Grass!

The girls (plus Archie and babies) always love it when the next section of pasture gets opened up. We’ve designed a new rotational grazing plan this year – so far it’s working great! Meanwhile, we’re on our way to an electrified woven wire perimeter fence – this is a summer of getting things done!

Shearing 2018

Just a quick announcement that shearing has taken place! We will have 12 Romney and 5 Romeldale/CVM fleeces available in various colors. If you are looking for something in particular, please feel free to contact us through the Facebook page, or shoot us an email at fleece@snowhavenfarm.com