If April Showers bring May Flowers…

…then what do April Snowstorms bring???

Delayed shearing, for one thing.

Shearing was planned for earlier this week, but a big dumping of snow delayed our shearer’s travel plans. Continued cold weather after some yo-yo-ing temps has us in a holding pattern of watching all the lambs for signs of respiratory distress and fever. We’ve had more cases than we’d like (especially considering we’d LIKE zero), but it looks like everything has settled out (knock on wood) – at least for now…

While we wait (with much grumbling at Mother Nature – dump that Old Man Winter already!) we have FINALLY named the twin ewe lambs affectionately nicknamed The Spice Girls: “Cinnamon” was a shoe-in, but we can now introduce her little sister as “Cardamom”. Cinnamon and Cilantro sound nice as a pair, but for whatever reason, I kept having issues with the sweet/savory combination!

Cookie and Cocoa are the queens of lamb snuggles – Cocoa will approach for a good rub under the chin, while Cookie is a nibbler. Cedar and Cadence are showing some curiosity as well, which will hopefully result in a few more personable ewes in our flock.

She must be a Sugar Cookie, she’s so sweet!

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